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Advent Message from Fr. Michael Silloway
December 2nd, 2015

A blessed Advent to all of you! A new liturgical year has begun, one in which we set aside 4 weeks to prepare the way of the Lord, for He is coming soon!

Just as our culture beckons us make resolutions at the turn of the calendar year, so to does Advent invite us to make resolutions about our faith and the status of our relationship with the Lord at the start of the liturgical year. "Prepare the way!" St. John the Baptist exclaims as he announces the proximate coming of the Savior. So we set up our Advent wreathes, we put up trees and decorate the house, we try desperately to find the perfect gifts to give to family and friends, and we hopefully feel with greater sensitivity a hunger for the one who gives the Bread of Life. I'd like to point out a great tool of Christmas preparation from a rather unique source.

My path crossed this very interesting young woman named Meg Hunter-Kilmer, pseudonymed "the Catholic Hobo". She lives out of her car and travels the country giving inspirational talks and retreats. Long story short, she offers a great Advent resource she has affectionately called "Advent Boot Camp".

You can check it out on her blog http://www.piercedhands.com/advent-boot-camp-2015/

Whether you give it a gander or pass it over, I hope this Advent affords each of you the opportunity to allow Our Lord to make high the valleys and make low the mountains that hinder His path to our hearts. May these first four weeks of our new liturgical year be a blessing to you, even amidst the hectic nature of the close of a semester. Please know of my daily prayers for all of you and your families!

Peace in Christ who is to come,
Fr. Michael

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