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2nd Annual Mission Trips Spaghetti Dinner
October 22nd, 2012

On Friday, November 2, St. Pius X will be playing Blessed Trinity for a great Catholic high school night of football! The essence of this game celebrates Catholic schools and the joy of being a Catholic school “family”.

In that regard, we have a long history here at St. Pius X of supporting everyone in our “family” and all of their activities. Subsequently, we are building upon a family tradition that began last year.

This year’s Spaghetti Dinner will be held on Friday, November 2 from 5-7PM our cafeteria prior to the game. It will feature the finest spaghetti this side of Naples. The décor will get you ready for the contest, but make you think you are in Venice. Simply put, you will have a great time, a great meal, and you will be supporting our wonderful Mission Trips. Couple this with a Golden Lion victory and that’s one great night! Hope to see all of you there!

One of the most wonderful things this school does is send our students out into the world on “Mission Trips”. We do this in conjunction with “Mustard Seed” an organization begun by Fr. Gregory in 1978 to provide a home for abandoned and handicapped children. We are also now serving at the Washington Middle School For Girls in Washington D.C. a Catholic school that serves middle school girls living in destitute poverty who otherwise could not afford a Catholic education. This year our students will travel to Washington D.C., Jamaica, and Nicaragua over spring break. The work our kids do is amazing and inspiring. When you talk to them, however, you realize that they feel that they get more out of the experience than the children they are serving.

The trips are truly awesome but they require funding. To that end we are continuing our family tradition started last year. All of our parent groups will join together and host a Spaghetti Dinner for the benefit of our Campus Ministry Mission Trips. Every penny raised will go towards these trips!

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