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Reminder! Winter Uniform Begins Nov. 2
October 27th, 2014

This is a reminder that the winter uniform begins with Open House on November 2. Students, please check now to be sure you have what you need to be in compliance with the uniform requirements. The student handbook can be found online with all of the details. You may also speak with Mrs. King in the Roar Store if you have any questions.

During the school day students are allowed to wear only school uniform outer wear (letter jacket, navy fleece, V-neck or crew neck navy sweater, seniors only navy sweatshirt).

Please be sure to check the handbook for more information.  Please remember, all students should own one or more of the following: a navy school uniform sweater, a senior sweatshirt (seniors only), a school uniform fleece jacket, or a school letter jacket because all other outerwear, including sweaters, team jackets, and/or team sweatshirts are considered out-of-uniform and may not be worn in the school building from the time of the first bell to the concluding bell of the school day (this includes lunchtime).

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