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SPX Spreads Christmas Cheer at Dresden Elementary
December 11th, 2013

Written by: Laura Brower ’14 (Golden Lines staff writer)

For the sixth year in a row, the Mothers’ Club sponsored their annual Dresden Christmas Project on December 3, 5 and 6. The St. Pius X community, including individual students, clubs and sports teams bought Christmas presents for students and families in need at Dresden Elementary School. This event helps those less fortunate to have a memorable and magical Christmas spent happily with their loved ones.

Many of the children that attend Dresden Elementary belong to families of low income, and a large amount of the parents struggle to provide a Christmas celebration for their kids. The Mothers’ Club main focus was to provide the children with essential items, such as clothing and food gift cards as well as a few toys and school supplies for the students.

“The students have been amazing by giving with great love and care,” said Spanish teacher Mrs. Emabeth Espinosa. "Participating in this project has been doubly special because it is during the Christmas season and it reminds all of us how fortunate we are and how wonderful it feels to be able to give and make someone happy.”

Mrs. Espinosa’s AP Spanish classes have participated in the Dresden Christmas Project for many years by sponsoring a family. The class bought important items for their assigned Dresden student as well as for the student’s siblings. The class made sure to add in a special item for the family’s Christmas day meal and something for the parents as well.

Each Dresden Elementary family made a wish list, consisting of items that would benefit them the most. Students and families bought the requested items, which consisted of uniform items, casual clothes, jackets, shoes, gift cards and of course, toys.

The Mothers’ Club’s ultimate goal was to supply each child two outfits, one consisting of a school uniform and one casual outfit, along with two or three inexpensive toys. These simple presents made a big impact on the Dresden community and gave parents the excitement to provide their children something special to open on Christmas morning.

After all of the gifts were purchased, parents and students from the St. Pius community met up at the school to sort and stage the items. This was a three- day process where students and parents wrapped and organized all of the gifts, personally packaging them for each child.

A pick-up booth was then set up for the parents to pick up the gifts. Parents who owned large vehicles provided transportation in case the families needed a ride home. Students also carried the gifts to Dresden family vehicles.

This year, the St. Pius community helped provide 166 children a very special Christmas. All of the people who volunteered felt a great feeling of satisfaction, knowing that they had made a difference in the community.

“As a mother it is gratifying to see children helping children and as a teacher it makes me proud to be part of the St. Pius giving community. We are very blessed!” stated Mrs. Espinosa.

Junior Elie Metzler was impacted by the experience as well. “It felt awesome knowing that we were helping people,” said Metzler. “That feeling of accomplishment and helping others was spectacular!”

The Dresden Christmas Project counts as a work of mercy and encourages students to continue participating in this meaningful event next year.

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