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Important Information for Parents
November 7th, 2012

Athletics play a major part in the lives of high school students at St Pius X Catholic High School. Athletics build character and foster a “team” attitude. Among all other available athletic activities, wrestling is the most demanding on an athlete, both physically and mentally.

Our goal for the SPX Middle School Wrestling Program is to foster good morals and work ethics both on and off the wrestling mat, at school, practice, and meets. Following certain rules and regulations is a very vital part of our everyday life. We feel that teaching wrestlers to adhere to wrestling rules and regulations, as well as good sportsmanship will help prepare them for their future. Our goal for the wrestler is to excel on and off the wrestling mat. We want our athletes to be winning individuals that can function as part of a team unit. Winning is defined here as being better this week than the last but not as good as the next week. We want to teach them a way of life - winning at wrestling and winning at life.

Basic rules:

The SPX Middle School Wrestling Program shares the same practice facility as the SPX High School Wrestling Program. The High School practice is from 3:30 – 5:30, with team meetings after 5:30. No middle school wrestler or parent should enter the wrestling practice facility prior to 5:30 – ever. The Middle School wrestlers will be instructed to quietly enter the building, and change shoes in the back of the room while the high school wrestlers are dressing to leave for the night.

Please help your wrestler maintain short fingernails. They will be checked by referees at every event, and we need your help in keeping them cut short. The wrestlers are NOT to wear their wrestling shoes outside at any time. They should arrive in street shoes and change when they arrive. This is to keep the wrestling mats as clean as possible. They are encouraged to bring water.  Team water bottles are an option as well.

If they have braces, they must have a mouth guard. The mouth guard must cover braces on the top and bottom.


What is the Purpose of the SPX Middle School Wrestling Program?
The SPX Middle School Wrestling Program was founded to give young wrestlers the chance to learn the basics of the sport of wrestling, gain athletic confidence, become excited about the sport of wrestling, and carry this knowledge, confidence and excitement on to the next level – at St. Pius X Catholic High School.

Who may join the SPX Middle School Wrestling Program?
The SPX Middle School Wrestling Program is open to all boys in 5th through 8th grade, and preferably those that intend to apply for admission to St. Pius X Catholic High School.

How much does it cost?
The 2012-2013 fees are $110. This fee covers the costs of tournaments, meets, and uniform (shorts, t-shirt, hoodie and sweat pants).

When and Where are practices held?
Practices will be held Mondays through Thursdays starting in late October through late January from 5:45-7:45pm. All practices will be held in the St. Pius HS Wrestling/Baseball Facility (next to the softball field). Wrestlers are encouraged to make all practices, but we understand that there might be conflicts with school functions, homework, and CMLA basketball practices. 

What gear will we need?
Athletic shorts, water bottle, tee shirt and wrestling shoes. We will supply a wrestling singlet and head gear for all competitions. For first-time wrestlers, we have a large selection of gently-used wrestling shoes that can be used for free all season. These are hand-me-downs from all wrestlers that have gone through the program, and just outgrew their shoes. 

I’m new to wrestling, how do I learn about the sport?
There are many very good parent and athlete resources out on the web. A few favorites are as follows:

·         http://www.wrestlingref.com/index.html - On the home page, click on the attachment entitled: High School Rules Photos in Color (Updated October 4, 2012)
·         http://www.iahsaa.org/wrestling/Folkstyle_Wrestling_Basics_Phil_Henning.pdf
·         http://www.allensports.org/Wrestling/Lists/Announcements/Attachments/4/A%20Parents%20Survival%20Guide.pdf

How do I sign my wrestler up?
Simply complete the registration form found on the main page and send it to the contact information on the registration form. 

Is my son going to be cutting weight?
No. Athletes are not encouraged in any way to lose weight. They are strongly encouraged to eat a healthy diet. But they should eat what is appropriate for their age and weight.  Prior to each competition, we will weigh each wrestler and place them in the closest (higher) weight class.

How strenuous are practices going to be for my son?
We try to make practices as challenging as possible to push the limits of the athletes. However, practices are focused more on the gaining of wrestling skills and less on physical conditioning. Athletes should expect to work hard for the duration of the practice. 

How can I keep my son from catching skin infections?
It is not that common for wrestlers to come in contact with skin conditions or eye infections, but it can happen. Athletes must shower immediately after every practice and tournament to avoid any possibility of contracting a skin infection. Athletes should cover any open wounds before stepping on to the mat. No athlete should practice or compete with a contagious skin condition, and the coach should be notified immediately. 

How can parents help support the team?
We are looking for parents to help out with a number of supporting activities. Coke sales, coordinating transportation to meets and tournaments, organizing team photos, and planning the end of the year party. Also, please keep encouraging your wrestler and provide a positive atmosphere for them, as it can be a difficult sport for first timers to pick up quickly.

What can my wrestler do during the off-Season/outside of Practice?
There are two local wrestling facilities: The Wrestling Academy and The Wrestling Center. Both have excellent facilities and instructors.


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