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Middle School Resources

Subject Resources

Basic Math
Review Basic Skills (PDF)

Standards and Benchmarks (PDF)

Similarity (DOC)
Right triangles (DOC)
Review of geometry (DOC)



Algebra I Topics

Order of Operations/Properties

Apply the order of operations to simplify numerical expressions.
Identify subsets of real numbers, such as natural numbers, whole numbers, integers, rational and irrational numbers.
Identify examples of the properties of real numbers. 

Notes (DOC)
Identity and Expression Practice (DOC)
Variables and Expressions (PPT)
Review Handout (DOC)
Open Sentences (PPT)
Review Handout 2 (DOC)
Identity and Equality Properties (PPT)
Vocabulary (PPT)
Commutative and Associative Properties (PPT)



Apply the laws of exponents to evaluate expressions.
Multiply and factor polynomials.
Add and subtract polynomials.
Divide polynomials.

Notes (DOC)
Worksheets (DOC)
Example problems 1 (PPT)
Example Problems 2 (PPT)
Practice Problems (PPT)

Integers/Expression/Absolute Value

Evaluate absolute value expressions.
Add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers.
Add, subtract, multiply, and divide simple polynomials. 

PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)
Notes (DOC)
Practice (DOC)




Factor trinomials, the difference of perfect squares, and the sum or difference of cubes.
Factoring by grouping.

Worksheet 1 (DOC)
Worksheet 2 (DOC)
Worksheet 3 (DOC)
Notes (DOC)


Linear Equations

Solve one and two step linear equations.
Solve linear equationss with variables on both sides.
Write and solve linear equation expressed as a word problem

Extra Practice (DOC)
Notes (DOC)
100 Equations (DOC)
Equation Worksheet (DOC)



Add, subtract, multiply, and divide radicals.
Simplify radical expressions including rationalizing a denominator.
Solve radical equations.
Find the distance between two points.

Worksheet (DOC)
Adding Radicals (DOC)
Radical Review Handout (DOC)
Multiplying Radicals (DOC)
Handout 2 (DOC)
Pythagorean Theorem (DOC)
Simplifying Radicals 1 (DOC)
Simplifying Radicals 2 (DOC)


Graphing Relations and Functions

Identify the parts of a coordinate plane.
Graph ordered pairs in the form of scatter plots.
Graph linear open sentences using two points, the x and y- intercepts, table of values and slope and y-intercept.
Find the slope of a line algebraically and graphically.
Find the distance and midpoints of two points. 

Graphing Notes 1 (DOC)
Graphing Notes 2 (DOC)
Graphing Packet 1 (DOC)
Graphing Packet 2 (DOC)
Graphing Packet Key 1 (DOC)
Graphing Game (DOC)


Rational Expressions and Equations

Write and solve proportion equations expressed as word problems.
Simplify and solve rational expressions and equations. 

Notes (DOC)
Equation Worksheet (DOC)
Mini Worksheets (DOC)
Divison Worksheet (DOC)


Writing Linear Equations and Variations

Write the equation of a line given the slope and y-intercept, two points, the x and y-intercepts and the slope and one point.
Solve direct and inverse variation problems.

Notes (DOC)
Handout 1 (DOC)
PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)
Handout 2 (DOC)
Handout 3 (DOC)
Handout 4 (DOC)

Linear Inequalities

Graph linear using two points, the x and y- intercepts, table of values and slope and y-intercept.
Solve one and two step linear inequalities.
Solve linear inequalitites with variables on both sides.
Solve linear inequalitites in two variables. 

PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)
Notes (DOC)
Handout (DOC)