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Six SPX students involved with the Girls' Scouts of America...
April 13th, 2011

Congratulations to six St. Pius X students involved with the Girl Scouts of America who have been honored with awards given by Archbishop Wilton Gregory.  On April 9 at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Archbishop Gregory celebrated the Annual Scout Mass and handed out several awards.  The Spirit Alive Medal is given to a Girl Scout in high school who understands the Holy Spirit in their lives and who the Spirit is calling her to be. 

Girls are asked to consider their call and vocation in the church and opportunities for ministry.  This award was given to freshman Kristina Going.  The Marian Medal is an award given to girls who “Proclaim the greatness of the Lord” with activities bringing them to an understanding of Mary as the model of openness and spirituality in the Church. 

The following freshman were honored with this award:  Jennifer Richter, Savannah Tulley, Ashley Hogan, Emily Werner, Justine Taylor and Kristina Going.

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