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Blue Angels visit SPX
October 19th, 2010

On Friday, October 15, St. Pius X High School was honored to have hosted the Navy Blue Angels. The Navy Blue Angels performed Saturday and Sunday in front of over 200,000 people at Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta. About 350 students and teachers attended the assembly and were treated to a demonstration video and talk by AME1 Keith Neville and Blue Angel # 2 pilot, Lt. Jim Tomaszeski of Jacksonville, Fl.  The students were really inspired and honored that the Blue Angels came to Pius.
L-R: Gy Sgt Johnnie Mack, LCDR Jim Tomaszeski, AME1 Keith Neville, CDR Dave Koss
Lt. Jim Tomaszeski and AME1 Keith Neville spoke to approximately 350 SPX students and teachers who were in attendance. Lt. Jim spoke about his desire to join the Navy for adventure after he graduated from FSU in Creative Writing. He said after college, he didn’t know what he wanted to do.

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