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Off Season

All St. Pius X Girls' Lacrosse players are encouraged to play lacrosse outside of the regular school season. Club lacrosse offers opportunities to build and improve lacrosse skills, compete at the regional and national level, and build relationships with other lacrosse players and coaches in the area. In addition, St. Pius X will organize 1 or 2 teams to practice and compete in local pre-season tournaments during the fall.

Atlanta area club lacrosse programs include: 

Thunderbird Lacrosse (aka Stepout Sports) http://www.thunderbirdlacrosse.com/

Hotlanta Lacrosse http://www.hotlantalacrosse.com/

Eagle Stix Lacrosse http://www.eaglestixlax.com/

AC Lacrosse Club http://www.acsportsacademy.com/