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Girls' Golf

TRY-OUT EXEMPTION For girls anticipating a return to the Golden Lion Golf team they may secure an exemption from posting a qualifying score at tryouts by meeting the following parameters:

  • be one of the 8 members on the Area/State competition team from the previous season.
  • play in two (2) or more summer tournaments sponsored by official golf organizations like GSGA, Atlanta Junior Golf Association or American Junior Golf Association, Southeastern Junior Tour, Georgia PGA Junior Tour and other applicable junior tours.
  • be playing year round with the SPX girls

For the forseable future, all girls who participate in Golden Lion Golf are considered to be participating members of the Varsity Girls' Golf Team. Girls who hold one of the 8 spots on the Area/State competition team will generally letter each year. The coaches reserve the option of lettering other participating Varsity members in special circumstances.


Students must arrange rides/carpools to leave IMMEDIATELY following dismissal in order to safely arrive at all competition locations with enough time to change clothes and hit some range balls.  Students who do not leave immediately get caught in regular school carpool/departure traffic and struggle to make it on time for tee off.  Gather your belongings, books, homework, etc. at the conclusion of 6th or 7th period so you can exit the building and get to your carpool/ride immediately following prayer.

Basic Standards of Golf

A cornerstone of the SPX Golden Lion Golf program is to develop proper awareness and exhibition of etiquette, sportsmanship, and maximization of talent among all golfers. From the start of the process, however, there are basic elements which a player must demonstrate. The following itemized list may assist players in that process.

All team candidates, prior to making the team, should be able to:

  • #1 - MUST HAVE a current (dated after 1 May) physical on file to participate in any golf activities.
  • walk nine holes of golf in a foursome in approximately 1:50 at the Hooch Golf Club and approximately 1:35 at Peachtree Golf Club
  • finish a hole without causing undue delay for the rest of the group
  • appreciate the nature of silence during a player’s address and swing, putting lines, and playing visibility lines
  • locate their own golf ball without assistance
  • understand when to place a provisional ball into play, and when to drop a new ball into play
  • treat their fellow competitors as they themselves would wish to be treated
  • respect the golf course facility, staff, and other non-Pius golfers on the course….this means that players mind their manners and act in a dignified manner at all times
  • properly repair damage made to the golf course through the normal course of play (fix ball marks, kick in divots, and discard all trash appropriately…even if you didn’t do it!)
  • refrain from emotional outbursts that demonstrate a lack of maturity or reveal an athlete’s inability to keep from disgracing him/herself
  • cleanly strike a golf ball (no whiffs, shanks, or skulls) almost all (90% or more) of the time
  • know and enforce the basic USGA Rules of Golf

Golfers are encouraged to have notes about rules, swing coach instructions, club use, etc. in their possession during all play time. Golfers should access those notes regularly as it is impossible to keep everything in your head!

Here is a bullet list of TRY OUT topics for consideration:

  • Must have a current physical on file with Coach Schmitt in order to attend any golf activities. Come see me, or speak with Coach Schmitt if you are unsure about your physical and we can look it up.
  • Must have your own clubs (meaning you cannot share clubs with another golfer)
  • Must dress appropriately for the weather as we play in whatever is happening if the course is open!
  • Must transport self/carpool to the tryouts AND matches tournaments. No transportation is provided by SPX.
  • Must be picked up as soon as we are finished, so bring your cell phone with you and call your parent(s) with your finish time. No SPX staff can leave a student unattended, so rides must arrive on time for all golfers. You may call/text home while on the course (during tryouts) to keep parents in the loop for pick up time
  • Bring $ for greens fees which will be paid directly to the golf course (will advise on the amount, usually $10-$15 per day)
  • Bring snacks (or $ to get snacks at clubhouse)


· The girls’ golf schedule is still in the works. Tournaments (18 holes) are on Saturdays, matches (9 holes) on weekdays. We play mostly a tournament schedule with very few matches. Most events have anywhere from 2 to 4 girls playing depending on the tournament/match. Only the girls scheduled to play attend the tournament/match.

· Girls will indicate availability in advance so that they can be scheduled accordingly. Every team member (regardless of ability) will play at least one 18 hole tournament on a weekend; no one will play all 18 hole tournaments.

  • Rangefinders are welcome and encouraged; they may calculate distance ONLY per GHSA rules, and cannot be a phone app or other GPS model
  • Wear golf shoes OR tennis shoes to play
  • Have appropriate rain/wind gear at all times
  • Come to see me, Coach Cook, or Coach Hauck if you want to ask questions of any sort


Golden Lion Golf is competitive at the local and state level. Girls who come out for tryouts and join the golf team are committing to play golf for the season as well as take lessons and play in off-season tournaments. Girls' golf is a year round commitment that we take very seriously.

· Girls must commit to utilizing a public or private driving range weekly/bi-weekly to continue developing skills.

· Girls must commit to taking weekly lessons during season as well as off season from Stacy Bean or another certified swing coach.  Girls also commit to weekly conditioning to gain better physical endurance and fitness to be competitive golfers.