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Graduation & College Requirements

What is the graduation requirement for Foreign Language?

- All public schools in Georgia require 3 years of foreign language (or 2 years + 1 year of fine arts/computer tech) for graduation.  

- St. Pius X requires two years of foreign language for graduation and recommends that students take 3.

Why should students take 3 years of a foreign language?

1. A third year of foreign language is considered a “course of rigor” by the GA Hope Scholarship. In order to be awarded the Hope Scholarship, students must maintain a 3.0 GPA and take at least 3 courses from the State’s approved list of "Courses of Rigor."  (Click here to see the list.)

2. Many colleges recommend a 3rd year of foreign language for admission.  

To see if your prospective schools recommend a third year of language, visit the following site:  https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/ 

- Type the college name in the search bar.

- Click "Applying" on the left hand side of the page.

- Click "Academics and GPA" in the middle of the page and scroll down. 

3. A 3rd year of foreign language allows for most St. Pius students to “test out” of introductory foreign language classes in college, making a minor or double major much more feasible for 4-year college students.

4. A 3rd year of foreign language makes St. Pius students competitive with International Baccalaureate students applying to the same colleges.

What about AP language courses? 

St. Pius offers Advanced Placement FL in French, Spanish, and Latin.

Because AP Language is technically a 5th year course, students who wish to take AP should carefully read the course progression charts for each language and be proactive about scheduling to be sure they qualify to take AP in their senior year.

All four-year language students should consider taking online courses (Online Computer Applications) when possible to ensure that foreign language can fit into their schedules senior year.