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An Unexpected Target - SPX's Kevin Cone
August 24th, 2011

By: Jay Adams 

Undrafted free agents come into NFL training camps with an uphill battle ahead of them. Take away a week of practice and add in the fact that the coaching staff is asking you to do something you’re not used to and it really gets challenging. That’s the world undrafted rookie wide receiver Kevin Cone is living right now.

 Pardon Kevin Cone if he acts like a real receiver in his pro days. He hasn’t had much of a chance to previous to this.


The undrafted rookie from Georgia Tech was denoted as a wide receiver in college with the Yellow Jackets and also with Shorter before that, but Cone might as well have been referred to as a glorified lineman.

Every team Cone has been a part of — even in high school — has run the triple option. Every single one.

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