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Department Philosophy

The Father, knowing Himself, speaks that Knowledge through the Word, His Son, who in the Incarnation became flesh and dwelt among us. Through the study and use of language, teachers and students of literature and composition reflect an incarnation, engaging in the vocation of all Christians, which St. Paul says is to "restore all things in Christ."

We believe that, because all creation finds its fulfillment only in relationship with the living God, our deepest longing is for spiritual transcendence. As believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we seek to instill a love of truth, beauty, and goodness into our learning community. We believe that word and story are gifts of God and that through them we create narrative to wrest order from chaos and to give structure and perspective to human experience. Word and story allow us to see the world and ourselves in connection with the ongoing human experience. As a result, we make story both to discover and shape who we are.

Word and story allow us to see through the eyes of others and to seek self-knowledge. We believe that the respectful use of word and story is a way of ministering to others and ourselves. We believe that the use of language is a moral act. As such, it requires the exercise of intelligence, choice, and discrimination and fosters the habit of reflection and the discipline of thinking, all of which develop a critical but faith-filled ability to make decisions as Catholics in a secular world.