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Pius Players Take the Stage for Another Exciting Year
November 6th, 2013

Written by: Amber Thomas ’14 (Golden Lines staff writer)

Every year, comedic, dramatic and emotional stories are brought to life on stage thanks to the talented actors and actresses in the drama program at St. Pius X, better known as the Pius Players. This year marks the 33rd anniversary of the Pius Players, who are led by Ms. Bonnie Spark. 

Ms. Spark has been the director of the program since day one and remembers the very first Pius Players performance of “The
Invisible Man” in 1980 starring current theology teacher and drama assistant Mrs. Amy Williams and her sister Bridget.

The Pius Players now perform in the Young Center Auditorium, and this year’s group is excited about the upcoming year. Their first play of the school year was October’s comedy “Arsenic and Old Lace.” Ms. Spark admitted to performing this show previously in 1991, but thought it was worthy of bringing back to the stage again this year. 

“It’s a highly difficult piece of comedic material--probably the most difficult we’ve done in a long time--and is a challenge for the cast. But they are up to every bit of it,” Ms. Spark said the week before the play. “I hope the audience enjoys the fun as much as we had doing it; I hope the audience enjoys the comedy as much as we did.”

Senior David Logan, who played main character Mortimer Brewster, brought the play to life, while seniors Paloma Young and
Christie Couture skillfully portrayed the sinister disposition of Brewster’s two aunts. “It was really hard to make it as good as it was, but it was great,” said senior Lydia Pedersen, who played a policeman in the show.

Next on tap for the Pius Players is their annual Holocaust tribute play that they put on in conjunction with Mr. Ruggiero’s Holocaust class. This year’s performance is titled “I Never Saw Another Butterfly,” a powerful collection of monologues from children of the Holocaust.

“Since 2002 we have been performing a play based on stories of children from the Holocaust,” said Ms. Spark. “This is a meaningful collaboration between the drama department and the theology department.”

Mr. Ruggiero believes strongly in getting his class involved with these powerful stories each year. “Our students need to be
educated and aware of what happened not only in the past but also what’s going on in our world,” said Mr. Ruggiero. “So many people said never again, and there have been five genocides since the Holocaust where millions were killed. Only future generations can stop genocide.”

The show will be performed on November 20 during sixth period and after school at 7 p.m.

The Pius Players will close out the school year with the spring musical in March, which this year will be “The Sound of Music.” Ms. Spark is keeping details under wraps at this point, but the show is sure to impress audiences.

Anyone in Pius Players would agree that it takes a lot of dedication and time, but in the end it is worth it. “My favorite part of Pius Players is the camaraderie,” senior Alexis Harold said. Sophomore Stanley Oscar agreed, saying, “I enjoy spending time with my friends.” 

Pius Players has had a significant effect on a number of students who have then gone off and pursued careers in a similar field, including Tony Larkin, class of ’99, who is now an equity actor, and senior Ross Democko, who wants to stay in the theater spotlight as a career.

Be sure to catch a Pius Players production this year. Ms. Spark guarantees you won’t be disappointed.

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