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Pius Players Les Miserables Cast Reunites for "One Day More"
January 9th, 2013

On December 29, former members of the Pius Players from the Class of 2009 reunited to relive their days on stage following a movie showing of Les Misérables. Nearly four years ago, this particular class performed the Broadway hit at St. Pius X their senior year.

No sooner than hearing the release date of the film starring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, and Anne Hathaway, Director of Theatre Ms. Bonnie Spark was already on the phone spreading word of the reunion. From phone calls and texts to Facebook messages and emails, word spread quickly and soon enough the group had plans to meet over the Christmas holidays.

After viewing the film, the group posed for a quick photo (see below), during which Ms. Spark requested that upon her retirement, they return to Pius and join her on stage to sing "Do You Hear the People Sing" and "One Day More." They then headed over to Mykonos Taverna in Atlanta for some more fun and food. The former Pius Players analyzed the difference between the live acting versions and the movie musical. They reminisced about the fabulous experience they had with their own production. Edward McCreary, Alex Karr, Gus Wood, Trey Barnett, and Hillary Heath have continued their acting careers and are currently pursuing theatre degrees in college. Many in the group are looking forward to walking across a different stage…the graduation stage in May.

Pictured below left to right, (top row): Megan Fannon, Alex Karr, William Warren, Jami Terracino, Connor Hughes, Gus Wood, Trey Barnett, (middle row) Rachel Templeton, Laura O’Neil, (bottom row) Jack McDermott, Eli Nasser, Edward McCreary, Katie Camp, Marirose Allen, and Molly Camp (not pictured: Hillary Heath).

Pictured below: the original St. Pius X cast of Les Misérables from 2009.


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