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World Languages

Course Catalog Descriptions

Heritage Learners and Bilingual Students


Students whose native language is not English, those who are bilingual to some degree in a language other than English, and heritage learners must take a placement test in their second language to ensure placement in the appropriate Foreign Language course. Placement will be based on both fluency and literacy.

Students who are both bilingual and biliterate (can both read and write in Spanish or French) may be referred to another language to meet the Foreign Language requirement for graduation in the state of Georgia. Placement of biliterate students will be left to the discretion of the department and will be based on the results of the placement test.

Heritage learners, bilingual students, and biliterate students who do not wish to take a class in their second language may take a course in another language without a placement test.


Teacher Recommendations for Honors, AP, and Other Upper Level Courses (Level 3 and Above)


Teacher recommendations and discussion within the department will determine the final placement in all courses, including honors, AP, and other upper level courses. Teacher recommendations are based on demonstrated interest in learning, a strong work ethic, a grade of A or B+ in the previous course, and intermediate to advanced speaking skills in the target language.

Lack of a recommendation can result in a student moving down a level and/or not being allowed to continue in the language. The department will review all placements during the spring semester to determine whether students have continued to demonstrate the ability, skills, work habits, and motivation that justified the original placement. Appropriate adjustments will be made at that time.



Latin I CPA / CP (Y)

Latin II CP (Y)

Latin II CPA / CP (Y)
PRE-REQUISITE: Latin I or Placement Test

Latin III CP (Y)
PRE-REQUISITE: Latin II CP with a grade of 85 or above 

Latin III H (Y)
PRE-REQUISITE: Latin II CPA with a grade of 85 or above or Placement Test

Latin IV CP (Y)
PRE-REQUISITE: Latin III CP and Teacher Recommendation

AP Latin (Y)


French I CPA (Y)

French II CPA (Y)
PRE-REQUISITE: French I or Placement Test

French III H (Y)
PRE-REQUISITE: French II or Placement Test

French IV H (Y)
PRE-REQUISITE: French II or III or Placement Test

AP French Language and Culture (Y)
PRE-REQUISITE: French IVH or Placement Test
Department Approval Required


Spanish I CPA / CP (Y)

Spanish II H / CPA / CP (Y)
PRE-REQUISITE: Spanish I or Placement Test

Spanish III CP (Y)

Spanish III H / CPA (Y)
PRE-REQUISITE: Spanish II or Placement Test

Spanish IV CP (Y)
PRE-REQUISITE: Spanish III or Placement Test

Spanish IV H / CPA (Y)
PRE-REQUISITE: Spanish III or Placement Test

AP Spanish Language and Culture (Y)
PRE-REQUISITE: Spanish IV or Placement Test
Department Approval Required

Spanish Conversation & Culture (S)
Grades 10, 11, 12
PRE-REQUISITE: Teacher Recommendation (for Grade 10)