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Basics of Catholicism CP (Y)
Grade Level: 9
NOTE: The first semester of this course may be replaced by Catholic Miracles and Apparitions.

Catholic Miracles and Apparitions (S)
Grade Level: 9
PRE-REQUISITE: Freshmen students wishing to take this course must first attain a satisfactory score on an entrance exam that demonstrates they have mastered the material covered in the Basics of Catholicism course that they would otherwise be required to take as the standard ninth grade Theology course.
NOTE: Students in this course will be assigned to Basics of Catholicism for semester two.

Survey of Catholic Christianity CP (Y)
Grade Level: 9
Optional replacement for Basics of Catholicism CP for students who have not had religion presented as a curriculum course or who have not attended a parish program after fifth grade (middle school).

Hebrew Scriptures CP (S)
Grade Level: 10

Christian Testament CP (S)
Grade Level: 10

Catholic History and Major Faiths of the World CP (Y)
Grade Level: 11

Apologetics and Life Ethics CP (S)
Grade Level: 12


All students will have the opportunity for Christian growth and development of Catholic values. Students must complete five (5) Apostolic Projects per year. Each project must be no fewer than two (2) hours in length. Of the five projects, at least three (3) must be from the Works of Mercy list found on the spx.org website. The remaining two projects are the choice of the student but must be approved by Campus Ministry.

Failure to meet the requirements of the program will be reflected in a 10-point deduction from the second semester Theology grade. In addition, Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors who do not complete the requirement will not be allowed to be out of uniform on any day for the following school year.

Seniors who do not complete the requirement will not be allowed to walk at the graduation ceremony.