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Students Represent St. Pius X at Catholic School's Week Mass
February 2nd, 2012

On February 1, eight students represented St. Pius X Catholic High School at the Catholic Schools Mass for Catholic School’s Week.  Each school within the diocese presented a stained glass window on behalf of their school.  Below you can see the stained glass window (made by Mrs. Marsha Free) presented by St. Pius X. Seventy-five years ago stained glass windows were installed in the Cathedral to represent the faith of those who built the Cathedral. Today, the windows we created represent the continuation of our Faith and our mission as a Catholic school and as a Church. Below is the message senior Wayland Swann read on behalf of St. Pius X:

Our stained glass window from St. Pius X Catholic High School illustrates our school mascot, the Golden Lion.  This is the same golden lion, the lion of St. Mark, which can be found on the Papal Coat of Arts of our Patron, Pope St. Pius X.  The Church many times symbolizes St. Mark as a lion for Mark's description in the Gospels of the roar of St. John the Baptist crying out in the wilderness to prepare the way of the Lord.  At St. Pius X Catholic High School, our motto is Domini Sumus, We are the Lord's.  Through our motto and our mascot, we are reminded daily that in all that we do and in all that we are, we are Christ's and we too are called to prepare the way of the Lord, boldly and courageously whether on the field, on the stage, in the classroom, or in our families and communities.  We find strength in the words of St. Pius X who said, "God's goodness is infinite, and if my trust is in Him, I shall not be abandoned." 

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