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Fine Arts Students Honored by SCAD
February 4th, 2014

The following St. Pius X students were honored at the regional level of the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards sponsored by Savannah College of Art & Design


Student                       Award                Category            Title


Ana Haynes                   HM                      Drawing              "Fish Sticks"


                                   HM                      Painting              " Mistress of Death"


                                   Silver Key             Comic Art             "Dodge Ball"



Gemma DiCristina            Silver Key             Photography         "Make a Wish"


Elizabeth Carr                 HM                      Design                 "Seperated Movement"


Christina DeLurgio           Gold Key              Painting              "Lenses"


Ashley Hogan                 Silver Key             Ceramics               "M*A*S*H Bag"


Kathryn Pelli                   HM                      Design                "Metamorphosis"


Savannah Tully               Gold Key               Painting               "My Face"


                                   HM                       Portfolio     


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