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Black and White Dance Cancelled
February 15th, 2014

Students and parents,

Due to the weather and the shift in the basketball tournaments, we must cancel the Black and White Dance on Saturday, February 22nd. We have had lengthy discussions today about the very real possibility that St. Pius will have to host further play off games next weekend and we cannot wait to see what will happen. Parents and students alike invest a lot of time and money into purchasing outfits and accessories, planning picture parties, dinner reservations, "limo" transportation, etc. in anticipation of these dances. Significant costs could be incurred for last minute cancelations of these types of things and we do not want that to happen.

We are sorry to have to bring you this news, but it is the reality of our schedule now that everything has had to be pushed so far out. We also want to tell you now that we will not reschedule the dance for this school year.

Again, we are very sorry, but we wanted to let you know immediately about the cancelation.

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