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Webcast Brings Games to Friends, Family
January 6th, 2014

Written by: Amber Thomas ‘14 (Golden Lines staff writer)

Seven years ago a group of football parents decided to start filming the football games so that they could share videos with their friends and family.

A short time later, a small group of students approached head athletic trainer Gary Schmitt about expanding on this idea and
starting a webcast program to broadcast football games on the St. Pius X website. Coach Schmitt was thrilled with this proposal and agreed to help organize the venture.

“This was a brilliant way to bring the games to not just students, but grandparents, friends, and alumni all over the world,” said Coach Schmitt.

What started as a simple student-run webcast program a few years ago has erupted into the full-fledged ESPX webcast program
that broadcasts St. Pius X athletic events throughout the entire school year.

The original focus of the ESPX crew was broadcasting each football game, but it has evolved into covering basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and volleyball games as well.

Junior Andrew Barnhardt is the producer of ESPX and helps organize the entire program. He oversees a staff of about 15 students who work as camera operators, computer operators, and play-by-play announcers.

“I have always wanted to serve in leadership positions both in and out of school so when the opportunity came for me to run
the webcast I was more than happy to accept the responsibility,” said Barnhardt. He also organizes transportation, food and other things necessary for the show to run well.

Seniors Duncan Trumble and Mak Krause work in the booth as announcers during the football games, offering play-by-play descriptions and colorful commentary.

Junior Joseph Reichard works as a sideline reporter throughout the game. “It’s great being involved with Mak and Duncan to
bring the webcast to everybody who watches,” Reichard said. “Webcast is what I live and die for every week, and the memories I have created this year with Mak and Duncan have been unbelievable.”

Reichard also conducts interviews before, during and after the games. “This year, I have given interviews to students in all grades, cheerleaders, coaches, players, and former alumni,” said Reichard. “That experience has been out of this world, and most of the time my student interviewees have no idea to the answers to the questions I ask so it’s hilarious how we have these awkward moments.”

Coach Schmitt is pleased with how much ESPX has grown throughout the years. “The webcast has been a complete success,” Coach Schmitt said. “The number of viewers has gone up tremendously in the last year.” The broadcasts are available to people all over the world, making it possible for Golden Lions fans everywhere to stay up to date with St. Pius athletics.

Senior Daniel Crochet’s uncle, who is currently stationed in Afghanistan, is even able to watch his nephew on the football field every Friday night. In the future, Coach Schmitt hopes that ESPX can branch out to include broadcasting more than just athletics, such as the dance recitals and band concerts.

The ESPX team loves being a part of the program and is happy to bring St. Pius X athletics to thousands of viewers. “Webcast has been the most fun activity I have ever participated in and I hope that more people discover it and start watching,” said Reichard.

If you have an interest in joining the webcast, just talk to a team member or Coach Schmitt himself. “A lot of kids start from scratch and work their way up,” senior Ashley Hogan said. Be sure to tune in throughout the rest of the school year to see your favorite St. Pius X athletes in action.

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