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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we as parents, faculty, and staff help?
Catholic schools have always strived to keep the cost of tuition as affordable as possible to enable as many parents to provide this gift to their children. The needed revenues associated with athletics are largely derived by our fund raising efforts and memberships in our Athletic Association. We are asking for your continued support financially to provide the quality resources and equipment so necessary to allow our student athletes to be as successful as they can be.

What is the Athletic Association?
Our St. Pius X Athletic Association is the school's only athletic booster club, and is specifically chartered to provide support for ALL of our sports programs. We supply volunteers and we raise funds for all of our teams. Support for our athletic teams is centralized in this way to ensure quality in all of our programs, to relieve our coaches from burdensome fund raising responsibilities, and to make sure our families aren't burdened with a multitude of fundraisers.

Gifts Directed to Specific Programs
We do, however, recognize that athletic teams periodically have extraordinary needs for equipment or other enhancements to their programs and that there are parents who desire to provide for those needs. To that end, St. Pius X now permits gifts made to specific programs. To facilitate giving toward a program's needs, coaches, in preparing their budgets for the year, have created "wish lists" to provide potential contributors with their extraordinary program needs. If you desire to make a gift to a specific program, above and beyond your membership, for an item on a wish list, we as a community thank you. Wish lists are available with the Athletic Association Board; with the Athletic Department; and with the Development Office. All contributions are to be made through the Development Office to ensure proper reporting and thanks.