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7th Annual Juried Arts winners
February 23rd, 2011

On February 18, the Fine Arts Department held their Seventh Annual Juried Arts Exhibit.  The pieces (in such categories as: Painting, Drawing, Mixed-Media, Photography, Ceramics, 2D Design and 3D Design) were judged by Ms. Lisa Guyton and Mr. Bill Collier.  Ms. Guyton is currently an art instructor at Chamblee Charter High School and received her MFA in painting from American University.  She also holds a B.S. in journalism from Ohio University.  Mr. Bill Collier is a trained painter who attended the University of Augusta and Georgia State University.  He has judged many art shows in DeKalb County and is also the husband of our very own English teacher, Mrs. Jan Collier.

A special thanks to all of our artists and parent volunteers who helped make our show a great success!  The artwork will be on display through March 25, please feel free to come see the work of our talented students today!

Congratulations to our winners:

Student Class Title Place
3-D Design 
Gaffney Taylor   2013 Lady and Child   1st
Jessica Mall   2013 Sail boat   2nd
Alee Oliveri   2011 Life's Delicate Balance  3rd
Colin O'Leary   2011 Dark Space Taken by Life  HM
Jenna Ferrara   2011 Cheetah    HM

Courtney Wesa   2012 Minoan Marine Bowl  1st
Courtney Wesa   2012 Twig and Squirrel Box  2nd
MadelineDriscoll-Miller  2011 African  Woman clay pot  3rd
Robbie Martin   2012 Kylix    3rd
Courtney Wesa   2012 Psalm Vase   HM
Melanie Latty   2011 Untitled   HM

Simone Savoie  2014 Winter Hawk   1st
Emma Cramer  2012 Take the Plunge   2nd
Grayson Holt  2013 Green Aspens   3rd
Cameron Cassan  2012 Memorable Moment  HM
Cameron Cassan  2012 Deception for Your Pleasure HM

Justin  Baker  2011 Engine    1st
Max Williams  2011 El Roy    2nd
Kate Morris  2012 Just Stopping By  3rd
Reid McArthur  2012 Bullwinkle   HM
Meghann Girard  2011 Self Portrait   HM

2-D Design 
Mara Suarez  2012 Alice    1st
Mara Suarez  2012 Out of Place   2nd
Amanda Yestrumsky 2011 Just for Kicks   3rd
Emma Cramer  2012 Closed In   HM

Meghann Girard  2011 Sheets    1st
Gabrielleb Mancini 2014 A Guitarist's Expression 2nd
Reid MacArthur  2012 Sheets    3rd
Justin Baker  2011 Justin Baker and Shades  HM
Meghann Girard  2011 Jerry    HM

Mixed Media 
Max Williams  2011 Stars and Stripes  1st
Alee Oliveri  2011 Fantastic Flight  1st
Kate Morris  2012 Composition   2nd
Andrea  Papania  2011 Collage    3rd

Best In Show 
Gaffney Taylor   Lady and Child   1st
Simone Savoie   Winter Hawk   2nd
Meghann Girard   Sheets    3rd

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