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Fine Arts Programs Preparing for Spring Performances
February 14th, 2017

Fine Arts programs preparing for spring performances
Written by Golden Lines Staff Writer: Megan Mittelhammer ‘18

The St. Pius X Fine Arts department is in full-swing this spring with an exhibition, a musical and three concerts being held from the end of February through early April, providing many opportunities to witness what the students and faculty have been preparing.

The season kicks off with the Fine Arts Assembly on the morning of February 17, where a snippet of each program’s work is performed for the student body and faculty.

“Words can’t even describe how amazing the fine arts assembly is,” senior Ali Grijak said when asked about her excitement for the upcoming performances. “Our artists, dancers, and band members are extremely talented people who blow me away year after year.”

One of the more memorable performances from last year’s assembly was by the Music Tech class, with the help of Music Technology teacher Mr. Gerald McIntosh.

“Yes, there is pressure to top what we did last year as far as improving and changing what will be done,” said Mr. McIntosh. “Stay tuned! We are not trying to give up all our secrets…”

This year the brand new Music Technology Club will use “sounds and samples inspired by the Netflix show ‘Stranger Things.’ Our performance will be called 'The Upside Down,’” Mr. McIntosh added.

“The Music Tech performance got many people out of their seats, which shows you how good it was,” said junior Nina Burwell.

“Also lots of people were still talking about it afterwards, commenting on how great it was and really wanted to take the class afterwards. I also like how it was student performed,” she said.

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