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Academics Overview

The academic program at St. Pius X seeks to meet the needs of all students. Through the testing program, counselor and teacher recommendations and consultation with parents, students are placed in courses which take into consideration the course objectives and goals as well as the aspirations, academic skills, and emotional maturity of the student.

Course Levels 

Academic departments generally offer courses on three levels: AP- Advanced Placement, H- Honors, and CP- College Preparatory.  Students are not placed in the same level in all subject areas. They are placed in different levels depending on their aptitude and performance in the various disciplines.

The College Prep courses at St. Pius X are rigorous programs of study which prepare the students for the demands of competitive colleges. College Prep courses accommodate student learning styles by using two teaching formats. Some College Prep courses require greater independence and more long term assignments. Others are more structured with daily homework assignments, frequent quizzes and long term projects broken into several steps. It should be noted that most of these classes use the same textbook as other level classes.

Honors and Advanced Placement courses are filled by invitation only and are designed to meet the needs of students who have a high level of responsibility, who are capable of independent work, and who possess highly-developed thinking skills. Students enrolled in these courses who do not continue to demonstrate these qualities will have their invitations withdrawn.

Courses labeled AP include an 8 point addition in the final numeric average, provided the final average is not below 70.00%. All students enrolled in AP courses are required to take the AP exam in May and must pay an exam fee of $95 - $100.

Grade Scale

St. Pius X issues numeric grades to its students. The grade interpretations are as follows:

90 - 108
80 - 89
74 - 79
70 - 73
Below 70

If work is not completed within two weeks after the semester ends, the Incomplete becomes a numeric grade. In extenuating circumstances, a student may appeal for a time extension to a committee composed of the Dean of Academics and the Dean of Students.