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New IT Help Desk Provides Assistance to Students, Faculty
October 30th, 2014

New IT Help Desk provides assistance to students, faculty
Written by: Gabby Burns ‘16 (Golden Lines staff writer)

Need help with technology? Look no further than the brand new IT Help Desk. Launched October 27, this student organization provides technical assistance to both teachers and students, such as issues with a device or questions about a program or app.

The desk is open before and after school and at the beginning of all lunch periods. A Twitter feed, YouTube channel, blog and Haiku page are also available to provide announcements and general technology tips. 

The idea for a student operated IT Help Desk originated with members of the technology committee. The new BYOD policy requires every student to have a tablet or laptop in class, and the technology committee thought a student technology club could help provide assistance with troubleshooting and fixing basic problems with the devices.

Computer Science teacher Mrs. Ashley Wright said, “Since there are only two IT staff people, it would be useful to have another group to help assist students with minor problems. It is also good experience for students to help others problem solve and work with others to achieve and complete a task.”

Mrs. Wright, Instructional Technology Coordinator Mrs. Marian Rosenberg and Media Specialist Mrs. Meggan Wilcauskas agreed to help get the club up and running. They recruited students at the club fair in August, and currently the group has 20 students but wants to expand to more people who are interested in becoming a part of the help desk.

According to Mrs. Wright, the purpose of the IT Help Desk is to allow “students to collaborate on how to troubleshoot for different technology devices. The group also helps give input to the school’s technology committee from students’ viewpoints.” 

To test the skills of the students before the service officially launched, teachers brought in their personal devices and staged a problem which the students worked together to solve.

Senior Cole Harrington joined the technology club because he thinks students do not fully understand their devices, and although many teachers are pushing the use of technology, there is a lack of instruction on how to use it unless the student is taking a computer class and he wanted to help.

The IT Help Desk is open for all students to use, and if you are interested in joining the club, please contact Mrs. Wright.

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