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New Courses Next Year Add Variety to Curriculum
May 2nd, 2016

Written by Golden Lines Staff Writer Riley Luckmann ‘18

In a continuous effort to offer a wide range of courses at all levels, St. Pius X is adding three new classes next school year in three different departments.

In the Theology Department, Mrs. Amy Williams will teach Catholic Miracles and Apparitions, offered only to freshmen. This semester-long course requires incoming freshmen to pass an entrance exam that covers what other students will learn their first semester in Basics of Catholicism.

The course focuses on historical miracles, what can be learned from them and everyday occurrences that the Church considers to be miracles. Not only does the class emphasize factual information, but it also “encourages students to have awe for the power of the living God,” said Mrs. Williams. “At times when we face doubt, remembering miraculous events can help us hold onto our beliefs in God.”

The Business and Computer Science Department will offer AP Computer Science Principles, which allows students to use technology and programming to solve problems and computational skills. This year-long class is open to all grade levels to satisfy a science elective, but students must have already taken Computer Applications.

Business and Computer Science teacher Mr. Jim Greenlee encourages interested students to consider taking the class because “Computer Science is currently one of the fastest growing and best-paying professional careers, and there is no shortage of opportunities in this developing field.”

Sophomore Sarah Tyner is interested in taking AP Computer Science Principles. She said she signed up for the course to “further my computer skills while also being able to include art digitally.”

Another new AP course added to the school curriculum is AP Human Geography, which will be offered to sophomores as a Social Studies elective. In this class, students will study earth’s patterns and processes, learn about methods and tools geographers use and analyze descriptions, maps, graphs, photographs and diagrams.

“They will learn the difference between a rural society versus an urban society, something that few students in the Atlanta metro area have never really thought about,” said Social Studies Department Chair Ms. Kristin Kramer.

In contrast to AP World History, another AP Social Studies course offered to sophomores, “AP Human Geography is the here and now; students will learn about the current world and the big things that affect our lives,” explained Ms. Kramer.

Rising sophomore Kathryn Kavanagh is interested in taking AP Human Geography because she “thinks it is a cool opportunity to study the cultures and geography of other countries,” she said. Kavanagh also wants to “learn how to use maps to her advantage.”

All three of these new classes continue to add to the ever-growing course catalog at St. Pius and provide an opportunity for students to explore different subjects and adapt to new ways of thinking.

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