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Marine Biology Class Shares Firsthand Experience
December 10th, 2012


For a behind the scenes look at the trip, please click here for a student-created video.

Each year, Mr. Killebrew Bailey's Marine Biology class takes a trip to the Dauphin Island Sea Lab on the coast of Alabama. The Sea Lab is a college extension for the state of Alabama for research. The classes are required to go on this research trip to meet the needs for the lab credit portion of the class. The trip has three main education components.

First, the class goes out on one of the research vessels for a four hour trip to collect invertebrates and vertebrates using a large net pulled behind the boat. Once the net is pulled on board, it is dropped on a table were the students are taught about everything that was caught.

Second, the class tours the Dauphin Island Estuarium, which includes a small aquarium. They take notes on all the organisms present in the tanks and compare them to those caught on the boat. They also watch a video on the water cycle and ecology of Mobile Bay.

Finally, the group heads out to a salt marsh, where they seine the marsh for various organisms. Seining requires the students to pull a large net through the water and back onto shore. Once the groups have all participated and collected all of the species, they discuss the findings and compare them to the same animals caught on the boat and seen in the aquarium.


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