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Election Day Message from Mr. Spellman
November 8th, 2016

Dear St. Pius X Families:

Today, Americans will go to the polls to exercise their right and privilege of living in a democratic society to elect a new president. Although this presidential election is perhaps the most polarizing in recent American history, it will not polarize our St. Pius X Catholic High School family. As the United States awakes tomorrow, regardless of the outcome, we will be, as we have always been, a great nation standing as a beacon of hope to the entire world and at St. Pius X, we will continue as one community in Christ.

The way we will respond to this election and the negative manner in which this voting season has illuminated the two candidates is to accept the election outcome as a product of our great democracy. As we prepare your children for Heaven and college, we will continue to emphasize and maintain the ideals that a respectful dialogue of ideas and opinions, with a focus on kindness and compassion, is paramount to a healthy political climate and success in life. Hurtful, hateful, and unkind discourse will not be tolerated.

As a Catholic family we are held to a much higher standard. Our primary role and purpose is to model Christ-like behaviors and words, and that is our expectation of all St. Pius X community members. Each member of the Pius family is entitled to his/her beliefs and opinions, yet because we are in this environment, we do not truly have the luxury of free speech in its purest form. Students need to witness models of critical thinking and listening to a scholarly exchange of ideas with an open ear and open mind, the powerful principles on which this country was founded.

We want everyone to be confident that St. Pius X Catholic High School is a place where our core values reflect the mission of our school in always acting with respect and kindness toward others, remembering our school motto, "Domini Sumus" ---" We Are The Lord's"

Warmest Regards,
Steve Spellman

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