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Attention Parents: Family Email Information
July 22nd, 2014


Starting June 1, 2014, all emails will be sent to St. Pius X family email accounts only!  These email accounts will become the main source of electronic communication from the school.  Only one family email account has been created for each student. Please share this email account with your spouse or other legal guardian.

Passwords will not be maintained by SPX and may be changed by you.

  • To access you email: http://spxstudent.org
  • To Change Your Password: http://goo.gl/2J7lTf
  • To Forward Email to Another Account: http://goo.gl/0zp17

To check this email, simply visit www.spxstudent.org. Family email accounts will be in the following format:
p_(student first initial)(student last name)(last two digits graduation year)@spxstudent.org. 

If you do not remember your password, please contact Mrs. Karen Travers via email and include your name, student's name, and graduation year.


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