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2015-2016 Bring Your Own Device Requirements
July 24th, 2015

St. Pius X Catholic High School is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) school; therefore every student must bring a device to their classes each day. All minimum requirements must be met in order for the device to be approved.

As students utilize their technology devices in school, they will continue to learn new ways to use them to access content, collaborate, and interact with faculty and their classmates to research information, solve complex problems, create original products, and publish their work. This will better prepare them for college and their career.

Below, please find several general requirements for the program. For more detailed information, please be sure to click here.

If you have any questions about specifications, please email tech@spx.org.

Students will be responsible for bringing a device that they know how to operate and that allows them to access the web, take notes, and interact with an eTextbook at the very least. It must be charged and ready to use each day. Devices with a screen size of 10" or greater are highly recommended, though screen sizes as low as 7" will be allowed. Students will be connected to the SPX wireless network and will not be permitted to use 3G/4G/LTE connections. If providing a suitable device will constitute a significant financial hardship for your family, please email BYODhardship@spx.org.


All Devices
• Ability to connect consistently to the wireless network
• Ability to operate normally on a daily basis
• Students are expected to bring the device fully charged each day (extension cord and surge protector use in classrooms is limited by the Fire Marshall).

Laptop Devices
• Processor - i3 or equivalent
• Windows (Windows 7 or higher, Windows RT not recommended)
• Mac (OS X 10.7 or higher) with Chrome browser installed
• Chromebook (running Chrome OS 31 or higher)

Tablet Devices
• An attachable keyboard is highly recommended
• Apple iPad (iOS 7 or higher)
• Android-based tablet (Android 4.1 or higher, access to Google Play Store) - Google Nexus or Samsung Galaxy tablets are recommended
• Windows-based tablet (running Windows 8 or higher)

Examples of Unacceptable Devices 
• Devices with a screen size < 7 inches (including but not limited to cell phones)
• Amazon Kindles
• Barnes and Noble Nooks

Students who cannot access the school’s BYOD network or who may have technical issues with their device must work with the user's manual or seek assistance with an authorized provider outside of the classroom. The school is not able to allocate resources to troubleshoot issues nor are we certified to make repairs. Please note that students will need to schedule a time to bring in their devices to test connectivity and setup prior to the first day of class.

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