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Our Values

Supernatural Vision: We foster the growth of good human beings who love God and neighbor and thus achieve their eternal destiny of heaven through the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Centrality of Christ: We are founded on Jesus Christ the Redeemer who, through His Incarnation, is united with each person and is both the model and means for personal holiness.

Community: We are a community of persons bound by the Catholic Faith who recognize our school as an extension of the intimate atmosphere of family life.
  • Teamwork/collaboration among administrators, faculty, and parents for the school’s common good
  • Interaction of students and teachers which is a dialogue and not a monologue
  • Physical environment that has amenities that create a pleasant family atmosphere
Integral Education: We aim to develop the intellectual, physical, psychological, moral and religious capabilities of every student.

Truth: We seek to teach not merely knowledge but understanding, wisdom and truth. Human beings can grasp the truth of things, and in grasping that truth can know their duties to God, themselves, and their neighbors.