2022-2023 Summer Reading Information

Saturday, May 28, 2022

The English Department requires reading over the summer to keep our students' reading and critical thinking skills sharp. In addition to reading, annotating and/or completing reading assignments is also required. See the links below for specific directions.

All English students must check their individual course for the reading assignments, annotation guidelines, and point-of-contact should they have any questions. Some courses require assignments in addition to annotating, so students should read their assignment documents carefully.

If you have difficulty locating any books, you can order them on the Internet from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Please be sure to purchase the specific ISBN ( the number usually beginning with 978…) listed next to the book title. This will ensure that you get the proper edition for class. Unless the summer reading doc specifically says otherwise, we expect you to have the correct ISBN for each of your texts.

During the first weeks of fall semester, all English classes will discuss and assess the books that you will read over the summer. These books, in addition to the accompanying activities and assessments, comprise the first unit of the year. Annotated books and reading assignments will be due the first day of school, so please make sure they're on hand and ready to submit when requested.

Again, please read through everything in the document for your grade and level (linked below). If you still have questions, then email the teacher listed in that document as the point-of-contact. 

If you are unsure of your English placement, please email Ms. Dent, the English department chair.

Happy reading!

Grade Level Course
Freshmen English 1 CPA English 1 CP English 1 Honors
Sophomores English 2 CPA English 2 CP English 2 Honors
Juniors American Lit/Writing CPA American Lit/Writing CP AP Language/Composition
Seniors British Literature CPA AP Literature Dramatic Writing for Film, TV and Theatre