2020-2021 Summer Reading Information

Monday, June 29, 2020

The English Department requires reading to expand your general knowledge and encourage active engagement with big ideas. Annotating and/or completing reading assignments is your chance to have a conversation with the author and compose your own responses to the ideas presented. Instructions for annotating, specific to each level AND book, are available at the links for the Summer Reading for the Class of 2024 page at spx.org (look for the hammock!). Freshman CP JOURNAL assignments, in addition to annotating, are linked on the Summer Reading page as well.

If you have difficulty locating any books, you can order them on the Internet from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Please be sure to purchase the specific ISBN ( the number usually beginning with 978…) listed next to the book title. This will ensure that you get the proper edition for class. A helpful video of HOW TO FIND A SPECIFIC BOOK WITH THE ISBN is on the Summer Reading page, at the top

During the first weeks of fall semester, all English classes will discuss the books read over the summer. These books are, for all practical purposes, the first unit of the year. Your books and reading assignments will be due the first day of school, and your annotations/assignments will be used for discussion and assessment. If you have any questions, please see the information above and read through EVERYTHING on the Summer Reading page for your grade and level (linked below). If you STILL have questions, then email Marie Ksionzyk .

It’s time to hit the hammock with a glass of iced tea. Happy reading!