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The St. Pius X Annual Fund was established in 1988 to encourage and recognize the loyalty and support of alumni, parents, parents of alumni, grandparents and friends of St. Pius X. Annual Fund gifts relieve the burden on tuition (which accounts for approximately 80 percent of the yearly expenses for each student) and assist with the daily needs of St. Pius X.

Our goal for the 2016-2017 Annual Fund is to increase participation levels in all of our constituent groups and to raise $800,000, which will be used in its entirety to help cover the difference between the tuition per student and the actual cost to educate each student, which stands right around $1,200 per student.

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Think about the world we live in and all the things that the students here contend with that did not exist just ten years ago: handheld technology changing the face of communication, the rapid growth of technology in schools, and the constant advances made in math, science, and engineering.

In order for St. Pius X to achieve its mission and vision, it is imperative that we continue to raise money to maintain and build new and better facilities. This year we are undergoing a revision of the campus master plan to address the needs of our rapidly aging facility which must contend with the constant changes in technology and also the extensive maintenance and repair that a 59 year old campus needs.

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There are three general types of scholarships at St. Pius X: endowed scholarships, funded scholarships, and the Memorial scholarship.
Endowed scholarships are established with a minimum gift of $20,000 to St. Pius X. Named after the donor's designee, these endowed gifts are held in perpetuity while the interest on the corpus provides for student scholarships. Funded scholarships are funded by the various parent organizations at St. Pius X or other individuals. Award monies are provided directly from the organizations or individuals that are responsible for these scholarships. The Memorial Scholarship is a pool of funds endowed by gifts from various donors to memorialize a deceased individual. When a loved one passes away, families may ask that donations be made to the St. Pius X Memorial Fund in memory of the deceased. For any accumulated amount of $1,000 or more in the name of a memorialized individual, a nameplate is placed on the Memorial Scholarship plaque in the Young Center Lobby.

All St. Pius X scholarships are awarded based on need, and are awarded by the scholarship committee based on the nomination of St. Pius X faculty (for current SPX students) and elementary school personnel (for incoming freshmen).

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Gifts may be directed to specific school programs. If you desire to make a restricted gift, please send the donation to the development office, clearly indicating the program and item for which the donation is made. The donation will be used only for the indicated program and item specified by the donor, such as for the athletic program, the library, or campus ministry.

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