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Monday, July 18 – Thursday, July 21

Latin II: 8:15-10:15, room 221                                                                           Latin III/AP: 10:30-12:30, room 221


Maria Kepler

Students who will be in Latin II will review and practice Latin I's vocabulary and grammar in the Latin Fundamentals Course. The goal of this course is to build a strong foundation of Latin I basics so that students can confidently and successfully access the more complex grammar of Latin II. Through games and skits, we'll review noun cases, verb tenses, and adjective agreement.


Students who will be in Latin 3 or AP Latin will have the opportunity to review fundamental elements of Latin 1 -2 grammar. This course is designed for students who need a refresher on the topics taught in Latin 1 and Latin 2 before entering Latin 3 or AP.  Examples of topics covered: all noun and adjective endings, noun-adjective agreement, conjugating verbs in various tenses (indicative and subjunctive), various uses of the subjunctive, and vocabulary. We'll practice translation skills by reading fun fables and even a little Harrius Potterus.


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