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Updated Senior Lock-In Infomation
April 14th, 2016

To make sure everyone has a great time we wanted to remind parents and seniors of the following information:

  • The Senior Lock-In location is East Roswell Recreation Center at 9000 Fouts Road, Roswell, Georgia (off Holcomb Bridge Road). 
  • Drop off time is 9:00 pm. The doors will be closed at 10 pm and no one will be admitted after that.
  • No students are allowed to drive to the lock-in. Everyone must be driven to the lock-in by an ADULT who is required to sign the student(s) in at the check-in desk. Any student who arrives in his or her own car will not be admitted to the Lock-In and will have to return with a parent for sign -in.
  • Drugs and alcohol are not permitted and any student who arrives under the influence will not be admitted to the Lock-In. Please remind your seniors of this policy so we don’t have to send anyone home!
  • We want to make sure everyone is safe and having fun so we will have a first-aid area and two police officers on hand to assist as needed.
  • Students are only allowed to bring their phones. No bags of any kind are permitted. The bathrooms will be well-stocked with everything a senior might need. The ONLY exception is an Epi-pen or required prescription medication which must be locked in our secure area and retrieved by Security volunteers when needed.
  • Pick up time is 5:00 am on Sunday, May 22 if you wish to attend the Mass; if not, you may pick up your child at 6 am. Everyone must be signed out by an ADULT.

    Please click here for registration and release forms and put them in the mail as soon as possible.  We are still taking reservations thru May 13.

We are also looking for parents who are up for pulling an all-nighter (or at least part of one). It takes over a hundred volunteers to keep our seniors safe, entertained and fed all night! If you would like to volunteer please click here.

Please contact Patti Muenchen.


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