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For Freshman Parents



To the Proud Parents of the Class of 2020:


            “Before you are a Leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others”. This quote encompasses the Lion Leader Program as a program that builds leaders and grows the success of students. In 2007, a group of St. Pius X parents, faculty, and administrators developed and implemented a peer-mentoring program for incoming students called the Lion Leaders. This program was created specifically to help freshmen adjust socially and academically to St. Pius X. That year, a select group of seniors were chosen to minister to the incoming class of new students and the program was an immediate success. The freshmen were more at ease at St. Pius X and they adjusted quickly to their new school environment. As we begin the tenth year of the program, the expectations for the Lion Leaders have increased tremendously as the program emphasizes leadership, peer mentoring and cultivates equipped citizens that will embark on leadership endeavors outside of the St. Pius Gates.


The Lion Leader position is one that is an outward sign of their commitment to our school and the class of 2010. The rigid application process is a uniquely designed process that insures the Lion Leader Advisory Board selects the best St. Pius has to offer. The overwhelming number of submitted applications yielded an intense selection process by the Lion Leader Advisory Board. One hundred and sixteen new Lion Leaders were chosen to mentor and usher your children to their new Pius Family. To ensure each carefully selected Lion Leader is fully equipped with the tools needed to mentor your freshmen, they have endured extensive leadership trainings, focus groups and leadership modules paired with their sense of fulfillment and appreciation for the impact they will make on the freshman class.


Each aspect of the Lion Leader program is centered to each freshmen Cub and designed to make this milestone transition memorable and meaningful. The Lion Leader/ Cub paring process is a very unique match. Over the past years, we have placed an ever greater emphasis on creating the perfect pair, as evaluation methodology pointed to the positive correlation between a virtuous Senior/ Freshmen match and a successful matriculation. However, sometimes these unique matches can affect your comfort level as a parents or the comfort of your child. If at any time you experience such a discomfort, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.


The Lion Leaders and the Lion Leader program truly shine during the summer break. The summer is an opportunity for the Lion Leaders and their Cubs to solidify their bond and lay the foundation for peer mentoring for the upcoming school year. During the summer break, Lion Leaders will meet several times for social activities with their “cubs”.  Summer Social Activities include touring the school, meeting their new peers, off campus events and The Summer pride event. Your Lion Leader will contact you often to arrange these meetings as well as address any of your questions.


During the first week of school on August 6th, your student and their Lion Leaders will meet for a special get together at an off-campus location called the Summer PRIDE Event. This Summer PRIDE Event will students an opportunity to meet even more freshmen peers and Lion Leads at the beginning of the school year. During the first month of school the Lion Leaders have even more great plans including “Camp Golden Lion”, this event is to further welcome the Class of 2020 and your parents. Also in August on the 19th, your Lion Leader will prep your freshmen for their first St. Pius X Football game with a special Lion Leader Tailgate right before our first home game! During the fall semester, Lion Leaders will organize several “freshmen-only” events at St. Pius X, such as the Lion Leader/Cub, Study Session, Movie Night and Service Projects. Most significant,  please note that throughout their Freshmen year, your Lion Leader will always be available to parents to insure your transition to St. Pius X is also memorable.


If you or your child has any additional questions or concerns about the program, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time 404-636-3023 ext. 422 or at amcjimpsey@spx.org


On behalf of the entire Lion Leader Advisory Board, I would like to welcome you and your child to St. Pius X. There are 116 Lion Leaders impatiently waiting for your Cub’s arrival.



Alana McJimpsey

Program Coordinator

Lion Leader Advisory Board