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Lion Leaders

The Lion Leader Mission Statement:

“To create a positive high school experience for incoming students by fostering relationships with selected senior leaders of St. Pius X Catholic High School. Lion Leaders model Catholic virtues which include honesty, integrity, and a sense of community.”


Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Class of Lion Leaders!

“Before you are a Leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others”. This quote encompasses the Lion Leader Program as a program that builds leaders and grows the success of students since 2007. For the next year these outstanding students will become a walking example of the Lion Leader mission and the values and goals of St. Pius. We applaud these selected students who pledged their dedication to developing essential leadership skills and accepted the mission to insure the freshmen class experiences a positive transition to the St. Pius X family.

On behalf of the entire Lion Leader Advisory Board, congratulations! The Advisory Board would like to celebrate the following students selected to be a part of the 2016-2017 Lion Leader program:

The Lion Leader Advisory Board

Program Coordinator: Mrs. Alana McJimpsey

Ms. Rachel Braham

Mr. Trey Broussard

Mrs. Denise Hatter

Mrs. Molly Lane

Ms. Gayle Ohrenberger

Mrs. Terry Sides

Mr. Steve Spellman

Mrs. Amy Williams

PRIDE Leaders: (PRIDE Leaders are the student leadership of the Lion Leader program.)

Megan Anandappa

Megan Cordone

Zach Frederick

Alejandra Grijak

Bennett Hardee


Abigail Ingham

Dillon Joiner

Sarah Marshall

Jillian Perry

Marissa Perry

Matthew Schantz

Carson Seramur

James Trupiano

Lion Leaders:

Quincy Agu

Hayley Akers

Nathan Banks

Cecilia Barnes

Sarah Barnett

Emily Barnhardt

Katherine Beckner

Katherine Beckwith

Caroline Benoit

Jeremy Bertulfo

Rachel Blackburn

Patrick Bonnie

Katherine Borrello

Olin Broadway

Erica Browne

Thomas Brunner

Mark Buis

Nicholas Caragher

Jordan Chatfield

Margaret Cleary

Caroline Collins

Caroline Corso

Patrick Crawford

Frank Crippen-Ginsburg

Caroline Cross

Zachary Cushenberry

Meghan Czabala

Emily Davignon

Olivia DeChant

Robert Eanes

Shania Fernandes

Daniel Figiel

Matthew Francis

Andrew Garcia

Andres Garcia

Jill Gilbert

Emily Gornowicz

Marie Grace

Tori Granelli

Caroline Guynn

Sabrina Guyton

Natalie Hamilton

Thomas Hardy

Kabri Harris

Andrew Harris

Blake Harrison

Franchesca Hauck

Jacob Hedenquist

Dennise Hernandez-Plascencia

Brian Houghton

Thomas Houghton

Shannon Kang

Sabrina Largo

Catherine Lee

William Lucado

Chase MacArthur

Charles Mackey

Daniel Mohr

Denden Mussie

Tomas Nadal

Lexi Orman

Caroline Orman

Thomas Pardue

Amelia Park

Emily Pearson

Abigail Petersen

Elena Possert

William Newlin

Hannah Postma

Jacob Ressler

Savannah Sampson

Nigel Sapp

Madeleine Schwab

Daniel Schwaner

Rachel Scott

Emily Sewell

Haley Shaw

Camryn Smith

Victor Sorescu

Trevor Stanca

Clare Thanner

Angelina Tran

Will Vermeulen

Owen Weikert

Thomas Westenberger

Michael Wolfman

Kyle Zoeller

Junior Lion Leaders: (Junior Lion Leaders will have the opportunity to become PRIDE Leaders in 2017-2018.)

Grace Berg

Matthew Halbig

Steven Haydu

Lauren Hutson

Wallace Kelly

Mary-Margaret Long

Joseph Manzo

Finn McCurdy

Megan Mittelhammer

Elena Mulligan

Ansley Reese

Gabrielle Valsaint

Zachary Washburn

Nigel Sapp