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Classes and Groups

Counselors call in all 9th graders within the first month to see how they are doing and introduce them to our services. All freshmen will be in a 4-week Life Choices group as part of their health class either first or second semester. Topics discussed each week include:

  • Self-concept
  • Family
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Driving responsibilities
  • Friends
  • Dating
  • College--what it takes to get in

Individual meetings with their counselor to answer general questions and talk about college.

All juniors will be in a career/college awareness group first semester during their lunch or free period once a week for several weeks. Early second semester we meet with junior parents. Topics that are discussed include:

  • College groups
  • College visits
  • College requirements and what colleges are looking for in a student

In September Junior College Night is held:

  • The college book is passed out outlining the college application process
  • A college representative gives general college information to parents and students
  • Different sessions are offered on college topics

The Guidance and Counseling office meets with all of the seniors in their theology classes the first week of school.  The individual counselors meet with their seniors in the first month of school to review college application procedures.  In September we provide a college essay writing workshop during a long assembly period.  Also in September we meet with senior parents.  Topics include:

  • College and application deadlines
  • Financial Aid
  • Naviance