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Girls' Cross Country

Updated 26 August  2014

 Friday 29 August:  Runners will  practice 7AM  on the track. Milk and cereal bars will be provided! 

No practice PSAT DAY 15 October.  

 Marist Double Dip Invitational: Details to follow! 

Fall Coke Sales: Each runner is to sell 8 cases and turn in forms to Coach Guilbeau by 26 August. Forms will be distributed this Sunday. Runners are welcome to turn coke sale orders to Coach Guilbeau at any time! 


Parents please plan to join the SPX Athletic Association: 








2014 Season Practice

· Mandatory every day from 3:30 - 5:45; some days might be shorter, but runners should make sure their schedules allow for the entire practice.

o Runners should not leave practice early.

o If runner is absent from school or leaves school early because of illness, she must email all of the coaches to inform them. It is not OK to tell a teammate and have them tell the coaches.

· For practices off campus (Murphy Candler, Mercer), we will use buses for those students who cannot drive. Parents will pick up students at SPX.

· If a runner misses practice, she will not run in the upcoming race

· If a runner is injured, she should continue to attend practice and participate as she can (i.e. stretching, ab workout, helping coaches & managers with timed runs)

· We will not be making allowances for other sports or activities a student participates in outside of school. Runners must be committed to the cross country program from August (June) until mid-November. Runners should not use other running coaches during the season.


· All runners are expected to participate in every meet. Meet schedule will be completed by mid-June.

· Students may not drive themselves to meets, but may ride with parents or other families

· We will take one team bus to each meet for those who need a ride

Team Mom

· Helps with communications between coaches and families

· Each runner and parent not already receiving email from Julie Braxton (juliebraxton@yahoo.com) should email her so that you can be added to the list serve.





Contact: dhg@spx.org Updated 26 August 2014