“Do the best with the ability God gave you
and you will always be a champion”
 - George B. Maloof, January 4, 1930-October 4, 2009


Parents of the Sophomore football class gathered on Sunday, July 13 to refresh all 80 of the paw prints on Johnson Road, on campus and in the stadium.  A special thank you goes to:
Starr (Coordinator) and Dirk VanMeulen
Christine and Jeff Newlin
Kelly and Craig Kirkland
Ellen and Chris Whitley
Cathy Garcia
Karen Cross
Jean Jones
Diane Campbell
Beverly Zoeller
Tracey and Bryant Mackey
Gina Maxey
Mary and Mike Regas
Kathleen and Kevin Harrison
Julie and Frank Winski
Maribel Sandoval
Christi and David Caragher