“Do the best with the ability God gave you
and you will always be a champion”
 - George B. Maloof, January 4, 1930-October 4, 2009


St. Pius X Football/Baseball Alum Quincy Neiporte beats Florida with Walk-off Home Run!!!!



College Football Signings



Front Row:          Michael Matthews (Georgia State), Joey Connors (Berry College), Cameron Fannon (Maryville College)

Back Row: Coach Mark Kelly AD, Coach Chad Garrison, Coach Todd Stewart, Coach Paul Standard, Coach Bob Gilbert, Coach Michael Hatter, Coach Mike Lancaster, Coach Doug Wagner

2014-2015 Season

6-AAAA All Region Team 


#42 Dalton Wilson Running Back  
#8 Cameron Fannon Tight End  
#54 Luke Stokes Offensive Guard  
#57 Chad Nelson Offensive Tackle  



#53 Andrew Jacon Defensive Tackle
#46 Forrest Whitlark Line Backer
#3 Grant Holloman Corner
#7 Brian O'Reilly Strong Safety



See the Spring Practice Dates- May 1-May 9, there are no times posted as we will have to see what field(s) we have available-there may be some practices before school. As we get closer to May more information will be sent!