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Frequently Asked Questions

What steps have we taken to prepare for the Expanding our Legacy Capital Campaign?
Early in 2006, the School began its “Vibrant Future” strategic planning process. That process has included an audit of existing programs, personnel, and campus conditions and an assessment of future program and campus requirements. The Vibrant Future Strategic Plan and Campus Master Plan provide a clear path for school leadership to move forward in shaping an ever-improving school. One of the long time strategic objectives for St. Pius X has been to increase the campus footprint.

The opportunity arose to acquire land adjacent to the school, making it necessary to launch this Capital Campaign. There was a short window of time in which to take advantage of this opportunity. We knew this chance might not arise again in our lifetime so we decided to take a leap of faith. A handful of close friends of the school got together to help us secure the option to purchase the property. There were hurdles to overcome and tough decisions to be made, but in the end we were able to make the purchase.

What are the components of the Expanding our Legacy Capital Campaign?
Land acquisition and building the multi-purpose and baseball fields are the scope of the Expanding Our Legacy Campaign. This is the first phase of a long range campus master plan that was developed in 2009 which anticipates the needs of the school community over the next 20 years. Please review the campus master plan materials on spx.org.
Who will benefit most from this campaign?

The opportunity to add 7.38 acres of contiguous property to the existing 22 acre campus is historic. The new athletic complex, which is also affectionately known as our Fields of Dreams will benefit the entire school community. The fields will be used for PE classes, baseball, lacrosse, soccer, band, and football, greatly enhancing the convenience and quality of all those programs.

How much money do we hope to raise?
Our goal is $8 million overall. After the Fields of Dreams initiative in the summer and fall of 2010, the $5 million dollar trigger mark was met and construction began in November. For those of you who are familiar with the campaign, you might remember that there was an original Campaign goal of $100,000 for scholarship endowments. We are happy to report that this goal was exceeded by $50,000. Therefore, this aspect of the Campaign is considered fulfilled and is no longer counted in the totals of the Campaign.

Who had been approached to support the campaign?
Since 2006 key prospective donors among our parents and parents of alumni were approached for their commitments to the campaign. These early pledges were used to buy an option to purchase the property in 2006. These visionary individuals rolled their option into a contribution to St. Pius X in October of 2008 when the property was purchased by the school. Since the initial $500,000 investment, all St. Pius X constituencies have contributed and have raised the current total (as of January 2011) to $5.11 million. Alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, and friends have joined our current parents as supporters of this campaign. There are currently over 1300 donors. St. Pius X has received a small number of foundation gifts during this campaign but not to the extent as we enjoyed during the last campaign. However, we anticipate that future phases of the Campus Master Plan will garner significant support from charitable foundations, primarily because of better alignment with the current giving criteria for the foundation community.

Is the Archdiocese supporting the campaign?
The Archdiocese is fully supportive of the campaign, but will not be funding any portion of it. The Archdiocese was instrumental in funding the major addition of the math and science wing and the practice gym to the St. Pius campus in 1999.

What is the duration of the campaign?
The Campaign will continue until the goal of $8 million is raised. Pledges can be spread over several years. Pledges may be fulfilled monthly, quarterly or yearly and can be made online.
Will tuition increase as a result of this campaign?
Successful completion of the campaign will fully fund all aspects of the land acquisition and the development of the playing fields.

How does the Expanding our Legacy Capital Campaign relate to the Annual Fund?
The Capital Campaign will occur in addition to the Annual Fund. The Annual Fund will continue to supplement the operational budget of the school and help us hold tuition relatively low.

Is the money collected going to be handled by St. Pius or the Archdiocese?
All funds for the Capital Campaign will be held in a St. Pius X account for this purpose.

Will there be naming or recognition opportunities for donors to the campaign?
The baseball field, multi-purpose field and the baseball stadium are available and present attractive naming opportunities for potential major donors.