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Campaign Details

St. Pius X Catholic High School's mission to provide a college preparatory education for the formation of the mind, body, and spirit of each child in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church, can be best fulfilled by addressing these most pressing needs:

Expanding Our Legacy Capital Campaign $8 million
A long time limitation for St. Pius X has been the paucity of land on which the school sits. The 22 acres St. Pius X now occupies is small by most school standards—the Council of Educational Facility Planners, International recommends a minimum of 30 acres for a high school campus. This limitation has led to all manner of creativity in the use of space over the years— the soccer, baseball teams and even the band have practiced in parking lots, cross country teams have run laps around the outside of the building, and virtually every team has practiced in the gyms. Despite recent success in improving campus facilities and the creative use of space we have reached a point where we cannot do much more on the land we occupy. In 2007, a task force was empowered to identify parcels of land suitable and available for purchase to expand the St. Pius X campus. The task force identified an apartment complex on a 7.38 acre tract adjacent to the campus. This adjacent parcel represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire such a desirable tract to expand the campus. Other landlocked private schools in the Atlanta area have been forced to split their campuses because of neighborhood opposition or simply lack of available tracts.

Campaign Expenses
The campaign originally had a $6.7 million goal which included land acquisition and development:
Purchase price
Legal fees
Campaign counsel
Fundraising expenses
Engineering and planning
Field construction

Since the original plan was developed, several significant additional features have been added, water management and synthetic turf. The water management system was originally planned to be handled by a detention pond and created a large unusable and unsightly area to handle the county water quality requirements. After extensive consultation with project planners, the landscape architects devised a cost effective system to handle all the water in an underground system, thus increasing the usable field. The second improvement is to install turf on both the fields. This upgrade significantly increases the usability of the complex and eliminates most of the maintenance costs. Because of depressed market conditions for contractors, both of these upgrades can be made a very favorable cost to our school. The investment in these two improvements will pay dividends in use and maintenance over the next decade. These improvements will raise the cost of the project to approximately $8 million.