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Expanding Our Legacy

Seaver Family Sports Complex
Projected Completion Date
: June, 2011

Field Dedication Ceremony: August 22, 2011

Opening Day: February 20, 2012

Baseball Field Features:

177 Bags of Rubber Pellets
210 Truckloads of Gravel
First High School Turf Baseball Field in Georgia

Baseball Field Dimensions:

320’ Left & Right Field Lines
338’ Left Field Power Alley
355’ Right Field Power Alley
390’ Straight-Away Center field

Multi-Purpose Field:
Dimensions 210’ x 225’
New Generation of Polymer Grass Blades
Drains 8” of Rainfall per hour

Underground Detention System:
37,000 Gallon Capacity
51,000 Cubic Feet of Water

General Contractor:
May Moeller Purcell Construction (Andy May ’74)

Wolverton & Associates

Landscaping Contractor:
Personal Touch Landscaping (Ricky O’Connell ’89)

Turf Company
Deluxe Athletics

Expanding Our Legacy Chairs
Dexter & Lori Lummus ‘80
1317 Donors
$ 5, 177,510 Gifts & Pledges
$8,000,000 Goal

These fields are a testament to the faith and perseverance of the St. Pius X Community who have overcome many obstacles in the process of building this facility. Many thanks go to all who have invested themselves and their resources in the mission of St. Pius X.

History of
Expanding Our Legacy

In 2006, the historic opportunity to purchase a tract of land adjacent to the campus of St. Pius X Catholic High School became available. An option to purchase this land was secured by friends of St. Pius X, and the purchase was made in 2008. The land and subsequent development of the 7.38-acre tract became the cornerstone for the Expanding Our Legacy Capital Campaign, launched in 2009.

The 2010 phase of the Expanding Our Legacy Capital Campaign, also known as The Fields of Dreams initiative, sought a benchmark of $5 million to begin construction on an athletic complex that includes a baseball stadium, and practice fields for soccer, lacrosse, football, the marching band and for physical education classes. On September 15, 2010, the benchmark was met through gifts and pledges, including two generous gifts of $500,000 each by anonymous donors.

Construction began in November of 2010 with the goal to utilize these fields by the spring of 2011. Since the original plan was developed, two additional and cost-effective features have been added to the project. The first feature is an underground water management system, which will increase the usable field space. A synthetic turf surface for both fields was also added to the plan to increase the usability of the complex, as well as decreasing maintenance costs. Both of these upgraded project enhancements have come at a time when the market prices for these features are favorable.

Thus, the Expanding Our Legacy Capital Campaign has revised the original goal of $6.7 million to $8 million. The Expanding Our Legacy Campaign will continue until the retirement of the temporary financing for acquiring the land and the construction
of the athletic complex is complete.

Payments of new pledges may extend to Dec. 31, 2012, and may be fulfilled monthly, quarterly or yearly. These payments may be made online or with recurring charges.

Expanding Our Legacy Recognition Levels:
Pope Pius X Legacy: $100,000 or more
Bishop Hyland Founders Guild: $50,000-99,999
Father Harrison Society: $30,000-49,999
Visionary: $15,000-29,999
Sustainer: $7,500-14,999
Benefactor: $5,000-7,499
Patron: Gifts up to $5,000


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