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Works of Mercy Requirements: All students will have the opportunity for Christian growth and development of Catholic values. Students must complete 5 Apostolic Projects per year. Each project must be no less than 2 hours in length. Of the 5 projects at least 3 must be from the Works of Mercy list found on the spx.org web site. The remaining 2 projects are the choice of the student, but must be approved by Campus Ministry. Failure to meet the requirements of the program will be reflected in a 10 point deduction from the second semester Theology grade.

99.0000702 Survey of Catholic Christianity CP (Y)
Optional selection for 9 th grade students
This course is an overview of the Catholic Church through the lens of history and Church Tradition. It is intended for students who have not had religion presented as a curriculum course or who have not attended a parish program after fifth grade (middle school). The goal of the course is to share the richness of our 2000 year old faith and the working of the Holy Spirit through Church Tradition. Topics will include: Understanding the Catholic Mass, the seven sacraments as the life of the Church, Tradition and Scripture, and the Church structure.

99.0000704 Basics of Catholicism CP (Y)
Required of 9 th grade students
This course provides an objective survey of basic beliefs and faith in God. It presents key concepts in order to provide a common vocabulary, which will make future religion courses more understandable. The complete course represents Catholic dogma and doctrine regarding the Trinity, Scripture, as well as our sacramental and moral life in Christ. The second part of the course, taught in the spring, provides an in depth examination of our moral life by focusing on the call to holiness accomplished through a positive understanding on the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes.

99.0000706 Hebrew Scriptures CP (S)
Required of 10 th grade students
This course involves historical and theological overviews of the Hebrew Bible. The course is a study of the People of the Covenant and their relationship with God. Themes covered include creation, the patriarchs, the Mosaic Law, the rise and fall of the Kingdom of Israel , the prophets, worship and sacrifice. The course teaches students that the Hebrew Scriptures are the biblical roots of Christianity. The course approaches the teaching and interpretation of Scripture from the Catechism of the Catholic Church .

99.0000712 Introduction to World Religions CP (S)                                                                                                           9th grade elective
This survey course introduces students to the belief systems and practices of four major world religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam. Additionally, the final unit addresses contemporary religious trends in America. The structure of the course provides objective information about these religious expressions while also comparing and contrasting them with Christianity, for the purpose of helping students better understand and dialogue with the people who practice these traditions. 

99.0000714 Principles of Christian Leadership CP (S)
9th grade elective
This course is designed for 10th and 11th grade students who would like to develop their leadership skills. Rooted in the person of Christ, the Scriptures, and the Church’s teaching, this course will explore the concept of servant leadership through an in depth study of the nature of self- leadership, connecting with others, leading others, and transforming culture. Given the nature of this course, students are expected to demonstrate a high level of initiative, interpersonal skill, responsibility, and ability to work independently.

99.0000709 Christian Testament CP (S)
Required of 10th grade students
The Church's understanding of Jesus is at the heart of everything that Catholics believe in, do, and are, as persons of faith. The Christian Testament together with the living faith tradition of the Church provide the basis for the Catholic Christian Faith. This course teaches the scriptural roots of our faith as found in the Gospels, Acts of the Apostles and letters of Paul. This course also invites the students to grow in their love and understanding of the Christian Testament and of Jesus Christ of History who is also the Christ of Faith.

99.0000717 Church History CP (Y)
Required of 11th grade students
This course is designed to give students an insight into the institutional expression of faith and to show how that expression has grown and developed through history. Special emphasis is given to the people and events that have shaped the community of believers through the centuries. The first semester covers history to the Reformation in Europe . Second semester will begin with the Reformation and will pay particular attention to the Catholic Church in the United States . There will also be a survey of expressions of Christianity that developed in the United States . The course will conclude with a unit on contributions of Catholicism to Western culture.

99.0000725 Catholic Principles of Love and Vocations CP (S)
11th - 12th grade elective
This course is designed for 11th and 12th grade students who are interested in understanding the Catholic Church’s teaching on human love, human sexuality, and the vocations of marriage or religious life. Rooted in the Church’s teaching and Blessed John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, this course will examine such topics as human nature, the fall of man, the nature of love, the Church’s teaching on human sexuality, marriage, celibacy & religious life, dating with purpose and purity, and developing a life of prayer and virtue. Due to the nature and content of this course, students are expected to demonstrate a high level of maturity and interpersonal skills when handling course content, coursework, and class discussions.

99.0000723 Apologetics and Life Ethics CP (S)
Required of 12th grade students
Apologetics is the part of theology which explains what believers think and how they act in the world on those beliefs. This component seeks to help students understand the reasonableness of faith. By using the tools of philosophy and story telling, students come to know the plausibility of faith. The Life Ethics component explores contemporary issues such as abortion, euthanasia, and scientific advances, in light of Catholic teaching concerning the dignity of human life.

99.0000724 Social Justice: Catholic Social Teaching and Christian Vocations CP (S)
Required of 12th grade students
This course examines how we live God's plans with others. It takes into account that what we do as individuals affects the world around us. The course also examines the roots of justice in Scriptures and in Vatican documents. The Christian Vocations component addresses God's plan for each of us. It helps students consider how they are people of faith in the world. Students will examine how they might discern God's plan and respond to God's call in their lives.