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Business/Computer Science

6.4150702     Business Law CP (S)
    Offered to 11th – 12th grade students         Department approval required
This course is designed to enable students to relate law to current cases and situations as well as to see the law's implications in their futures. The course is challenging and rewarding, with topics including the nature and sources of law, criminal law, trial procedures, contracts, consumer law, employment, family law and real estate law. BYOD Required.
7.4120701     Principles of Accounting CP (S)
    Offered to 11th – 12th grade students         Department approval required
This course provides students with an opportunity to develop a sound understanding of the basic accounting principles and procedures, to handle daily records and financial activities of a small or medium-sized business, and to use accounting records to make decisions. The computer is used in many of the accounting application problems.
7.4411702     Computer Applications CP (S)
    Required of 9th grade students
This course is designed to introduce and reinforce the concepts of word processing, spreadsheet design, publishing, and presentation software as well as computer systems and networking. Instruction is given for the production of letters, research papers, tables, databases, spreadsheets, web sites, QR codes Apps,and multimedia presentations utilizing the computer.
7.0000703     Computer Publishing and Graphics CP (S)
    Offered to 9th - 12th grade students       Prerequisite - Computer Applications
This course is designed to enable students to develop a high level of operational skill on the computer integrating graphics software programs such as PhotoShop, Flash, and Dreamweaver. Authentic assessment is through the production of projects and multi-media presentations.

 8.7400701      Principles of Marketing (S)
      Offered to 10th – 12th grade studentsDepartment approval required
This course is designed to provide an understanding of the basic principles, theories, problems, and practices involved in our modern ever changing economic environment. Emphasis is placed on the marketing functions including the distribution of goods and services from the producer to the ultimate consumer. Market research and information technology tools of the marketing manager will be explored. Students will collaborate with students in other Computer classes in an effort to successfully market a service or good.  BYOD Required.

 11.4310701     Web Design CP (S)
         Offered to 9th – 12th grade students       Prerequisite – Computer Applications

This web design class provides a thorough introduction to implementing a full-featured web site on the Internet or intranet. The course starts with an introduction to the Internet and progresses to the implementation of dynamic client-side content using HTML, XHTML, JavaScript and web design software such as Adobe Suite. Students enrolled in this course will create, design, and develop actual web pages.
11.4320705    Advanced Web Design/Web Development
     Offered tp 10th - 12th grade students         Prerequisite - Web Design
                                                                 Department approval required
This course will provide students with practical applications of web development technologies. Students will learn the skills needed to develop an interactive, database driven website, students will develop an understanding of the web development task and an appreciation of the importance of the Internet in both business and academic environments. Specific technical topics to be covered include web server software, database systems, and a programming language, such as PHP
11.4280702     Media Technology CP (S)
    Offered to 9 th – 12 th grade students     Prerequisite – Computer Applications
Students create broadcast quality video utilizing computing technology integrating Premiere, After Effects and Sound Booth standard software. Students plan and develop news stories, movies, advertisements, and music videos.The course provides an environment for students to develop competency in media literacy, including critical thinking and self expression. Students progress through different production roles, including technical crew, director and producer. There will be additional time spent out of class shooting footage and editing video.
11.0130703     Computer Programming I CP (S)
    Offered to 10th - 12th grade students       Department approval required
This is a hands-on computer programming course that uses Visual Basic.NET and other programming languages. The student will focus on problem solving, logic, critical thinking, language syntax, top-down structure, reading internalization and documentation. The knowledge and skills gained in this course can easily be transferred into real-world applications.
11.0130704 Computer Programming II CP (S)
Offered to 10th – 12th grade students              Department approval required                     Prerequisite: Computer Programming I
In this advanced programming language course, students will study computer sysytems, primitive data types, standard computer algorithms, and data structures in an object oriented environment. Students enrolled in this course will demonstrate their knowledge and skills by designing and coding portable applications.
11.0160741     Advanced Placement Computer Science (Y)
    Offered to 10 th – 12 th grade students       Department approval required
An AP Computer Science course is intended to serve both as an introductory course for computer science majors and as a course for people who will major in other disciplines that require significant involvement with computing. AP Computer Science is an advanced course in computer programming and problem solving. Students will study computer systems, primitive data types, standard computer algorithms and data structures in an object-oriented environment using the Java programming language. This advanced course follows the curriculum set up by the College Board for the AP Computer Science course. Although students will be using the Java programming language, programming skills are the focus of this course. All students enrolled in this course are required to complete the AP Computer Science exam in the spring. This course can be used to satisfy a science requirement.