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Join the Chi-Rho Society

To become a member of the Chi-Rho Society, simply inform the Development Office in writing that you have named St. Pius X Catholic High School as a beneficiary in your financial or estate plans. Gifts of all types and sizes, large and small, are encouraged.

Those members who have given their permission for us to list their names will be recognized in the St. Pius X Annual Report, thereby allowing other members of the St. Pius X community to acknowledge their support and perhaps to encourage others to follow.

We ask you to share our desires for St. Pius X Catholic High School by becoming a member of the Chi-Rho Society. To join, simply print out and complete this confidential response card.

For More Information
Like other financial decisions, a planned gift must be chosen and shaped with care. St. Pius X welcomes the opportunity to discuss ways to include the school in your financial and estate plans. Call the St. Pius X Office of Advancement, 404-633-4290 or email at development@spx.org for additional information.