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Campus Ministry

Welcome to St. Pius X Catholic High School Campus Ministry!

We are proud to help our St. Pius X Community fully live out our school motto Domini Sumus, “We Are The Lord’s” (Rom 14:7-8). We are committed to cultivating active participation in the Sacramental Life of the Catholic Church, encouraging Christian maturity and a personal relationship with Christ, and promoting apostolic service. We invite you to learn more about the programs we offer by exploring the links on the left hand side of this webpage.

"'Put on Christ' in your life, and you will find a friend in whom you can always trust; 'Put on Christ,' and you will see the wings of hope spreading and letting you journey with joy towards the future; 'Put on Christ,' and your life will be full of his love; it will be a fruitful life.'" - Pope Francis, World Youth Day Rio 2013

Director of Campus Ministry - Mrs. Abby Bettencourt

Chaplain - Fr. Michael Silloway

Lion Leader Coordinator - Mrs. Alana McJimpsey