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Annual Fund

The month of March brings the first day of spring, fine arts performances, and summer uniforms. It also brings the excitement of March Madness! Soon, the hallways will be filled with talk of brackets and playoffs as teams vie for national titles.

In the spirit of competition, we challenge our parent community to 31 days of Annual Fund March Madness. We have selected class representatives from the St. Pius X Basketball Teams who will help us send updates throughout the month.

Selection Show: March Madness Video 1 - March 2, 2015
Week 1: March Madness Video 2 - March 6, 2015
Week 2: March Madness Video 3 - March 16, 2015 
Week 3: March Madness Video 4 - March 20, 2015

• All gifts will be tracked for participation points, directed to your student's class
• Our goal is to enlist the support of every single family
• All gifts, regardless of size, are welcomed and appreciated
• Only gifts given within this four-week timeline will be included in this challenge
• Be sure to check Facebook, Twitter, and read your eSPX messages for updates

Participation is the key to the success of this campaign. Foundations and donors use participation numbers to measure the overall health of the school. These foundations want to be able to see that above all, we believe in what this school has to offer our students.

Take your shot toward reaching our goal today! 


St. Pius X relies on Annual Fund contributions to support the current year’s budget. The 2014-2015 Annual Fund will be used in its entirety to help cover the difference between the tuition per student and the actual cost to educate each student. Our 2014-2015 Annual Fund goal is to raise $750,000 and to increase participation in all of our constituent groups.

The support we receive will help our community achieve those objectives. This year, we have split the total goal into four sections, and are asking our current parents to pull together to raise $480,000, our alumni to raise $125,000, our parents of alumni to raise $110,000, and our grandparents to raise $35,000 in donations.

The Annual Fund was established in 1988 to encourage and recognize the loyalty and support of alumni, parents, parents of alumni, grandparents and friends of St. Pius X. Annual Fund gifts, which are unrestricted (allowing the school to determine their use), relieve the burden on tuition and assist with the daily needs of St. Pius X.
Why does St. Pius X have an Annual Fund?

Tuition does not cover the cost of most private schools’ program needs. Therefore, these schools must raise funds over and above tuition to bridge the funding gap. At St. Pius X, tuition covers about 85 percent of the cost of educating a student. The Annual Fund, the largest and most important fund raising project of the year, is the primary means by which the cost to operate St. Pius X is subsidized. Without the Annual Fund, St. Pius X would have to dramatically raise tuition or undertake steep budget cuts.

Who is asked to participate in the Annual Fund?

The entire St. Pius X community—alumni and alumnae, parents of alumni, faculty and staff, grandparents of current students and alumni, and friends—are invited to participate in the Annual Fund. Solicitation letters and pledge envelopes are sent to all constituents in the fall.

Another way to give is through your company’s matching gift program. Last year, we received nearly $50,000 in matching gifts. More information regarding this program is available here.

How are Annual Fund dollars used?

Annual Fund revenues are a part of the budgeted general  operating revenues of St. Pius X. They are not “bonus dollars.”  St. Pius X must have these monies to keep from operating at a deficit. To the extent Annual Fund donations exceed the budgeted amount; they will be used to address other fiscal needs of the school as determined by the principal.

When are Annual Fund gifts due?

To ensure that you are properly recognized in the school's Annual Report published in the fall, please make your gift by May 31. Pledges and final payments for Annual Fund contributions are due no later than June 30.